Rocketship Tricycle RecordsHere‘s a little of what has been said about Lesley Lishman and Christopher Prewitt’s music and performances.

Really enjoyed your singing, arrangements, originals and your take on Beatle’s songs. – Jimmy Vaughan

What a dynamic duo! Lishman & Prewitt so generously share their love of life and love of love with grace, harmony, and resonance! Their original songs are elegantly crafted and honestly delivered, providing a gifted opportunity for the opening of the heart! – Shelly Buse

Lesley and Chris bring their hearts into every sweet note and tone. Their music, from their melodic, lovingly-crafted original songs to perfectly-chosen covers, simultaneously inspire, soothe, and energize everyone within earshot. This truly talented team are a blessing to every audience they perform to. – HeatherAsh Amara

It is a joy to experience the love and depth of connection that comes through their music! It goes far deeper than the ears, into the heart. – Diana Adkins

I’ve been a friend and a fan of Lishman & Prewitt for years. Their unique style and blend of sound, poetry, depth, and fun make their songs and their shows an honest-to-goodness, heart-filling experience. – CZ, Wimberley, TX

“I’ve listened a couple of times to the Trio Rio demo. I have to say I think the live ensemble feel, the vocal and instrumental performances, the recording quality, everything really, is excellent. So great job, guys!” – Willis Alan Ramsey

“You guys are world class talent and harmony geniuses.” – Cam King

“The lyrics are thought provoking, inspiring, comforting, encouraging and so much more.” – Christy Rehbein

“Chris, I wanted to let you know I really liked your Future Man CD alot, man and . . . I wondered if you’d spent some time with Steve Miller as it sure sounded like it . . .Alison and I really enjoyed listening to your CD and thanks again. Real Soulful” – Willis Alan Ramsey

“It’s a really good album. We took it camping and it was one of the favorites.” – Mike Crowley

“The CD is wonderful. I hope it brings you as much to listen to as it did me. Wow!” – Terri Hendrix

“A humble thank you to Lesley Lishman and Christopher Prewitt. You guys ROCK. Your songs kick butt and everyone had an outstanding time.” – Mo Humble, Executive Producer-Humbletime

“Lishman & Prewitt were the absolute highlight of our “New Braunfels Live” show here at the New Braunfels Museum of Art & Music on October 7th. What a great performance! What great talent! What great folks!” – Al Barlow

“Harmony bound melody makers with a foot tappin’ groove – originality in every song” – Kim Miller

“We love having y’all play music here, sounds great!” – Jan Brieger, Redbud Café, Blanco, Texas

“Lishman & Prewitt sounded great! Lesley, I think your voice has matured a lot since I heard you last, you seemed relaxed and able to control the subtleties of your voice in a predictable and artistic fashion, and let me quickly add . . .in an artistic and creative manner. Great harmonies! There is just not enough of harmony these days. I loved your harmonies. Very strong and beautiful. What I heard at the museum was awesome! I’m very happy for you and Chris to have found each other and to be making beautiful music together. Also, I’m so impressed with Future Man, The CD. Chris is one talented hombre. I’ve enjoyed listening to the melodies, rhythms, grooves, and lyrics. Great voice, too. What can I say? Mucho Talento!” – Seth Worley

“I have heard from several patrons who attended the show and they have commented to me how much they appreciated being able to attend such an excellent concert.” – Robin Wood, San Marcos Public Library

“I can’t tell you how much Blanco enjoyed having you at the Chamber of Commerce Banquet along with our favorite weatherman, Bill Taylor of KENS 5, San Antonio. The music you shared with us was delightful and skillfully delivered. Your genuine love of your art is oh so evident. I hope you have a sense of how deeply we appreciated your being such an important part of our special event. We did in fact raise enough money to fund our scholarship!” – Wanette Easterly, Greater Blanco Chamber of Commerce

“We get great comments on the music when Lishman & Prewitt are here. Our customers really enjoy it (and so do we).” – Linda Lyons, Hardscrabble Cafe – Blanco, Texas

“Lishman and Prewitt really put on a great show. That Memorial Day party will always be remembered as one of the best we’ve ever thrown.” – Peter Baen, Marketing Director, Thermon Mfg.