Dream it So!

Lesley is currently dreaming up her second sacred music album, ‘Optimystical’ with Christopher Prewitt, slated for release in 2015. This album has been rooting deeply for quite a while and is just now pushing up shoots through the warm soil of creativity to drink in the Sun and bare the fruits of the studio.

Licensing original music for television and movies - The journey has begun . . .

Regarding the Toltec Tarot Tunes project: Lesley writing the screenplay for the visual version of The Toltec Tarot Tunes slated for a You-Tube project, a Broadway play and a blockbuster Hollywood film with ALL the special effects. Dreams to go back in the studio and add instrumentation to the original Toltec Tarot Tunes CD as the soundtrack for this magical visual project are also on tap. The overall visual idea is for the cards to come to life through magical transformations inspired by the ‘Living Playing Cards’ work of special effect Pioneer Geroge Melies of the 1930's.

Music Business Mentors and Management & PR: This dream involves growing the musical side of prosperity by finding the right people and letting everyone do what they do best. The video projects are starting soon! More to come . . .

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